About Us

Company Profile:

Established in 2003, Kritanjali Creations Pvt Ltd is a B2B platform, where wholesale buyers can buy the best quality Indian Fashion Jewellery. Today we are the leading e-commerce company catering to the International Jewellery B2B market.  We are currently exporting our fashion jewellery to over 25 countries worldwide.

We have been instrumental in creating over 500 successful fashion jewellery brands worldwide with over 1000 happy and regular customers and still counting. With a huge storehouse of over 7000 new and unique designs coupled with a very efficient in-house designing team and passionate customer support team, we are now a well-known name in the International B2B Jewellery Market.


Location :

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The Administrative Office of KRITANJALI  CREATIONS (www.kritanjali.com) is located in the city of Asansol in West Bengal (eastern part of India). In a 4000 square feet office, located in a serene atmosphere,  a team of around 30 professionals in our Administrative Office takes care of the Marketing, Customer Support, Quality Checking, Photography, Inventory, and Dispatch Departments.

Our Manufacturing unit is located in the Hooghly district. Around 450 Craftsmen make our team of jewellery creators. They include jewellery designers and other craftsmen.

CAD_Design_Of_Jewellery.jpgCasting _DepartmentStone_Setting_On_Wax_PrototypesWax_Pulling_&_Cleaning

Facts and Figures :

Year of Establishment: 2003

Major Markets: USA, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia,  UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE.

Number of Employees: KRITANJALI  CREATIONS has a strong team of around 30 Employees in the administrative unit and around 350 Craftsmen spanned across 4 Production Units.


Our Achievements :

Served more than 5000 B2B Customers: At KRITANJALI CREATIONS Jewellery is a serious business. Starting from, passionately designing every piece of Jewelry, and till finally shipping them to our Customers, each step is done with utmost sincerity. Due to this focus and perseverance, we have been able to happily serve more than 5000 B2B customers in the last 14 years.

Manufacturing Partners of 150 International Brands:  We also have the honour of being trusted manufacturing partners of more than 15 Brands of jewellery companies across the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Tie-ups with more than 70 Retail Jewelry Chains: We currently cater to more than 30 retail jewellery chain stores across the US, Europe, and Asia. We have a team of designers whose expertise and creativity have surprised many.


Our Strengths :

  • Detail knowledge of Foreign Trade procedures with almost 25 countries.
  • Manufacturing only export quality jewellery and adhering to all international standards.
  • Maintaining a huge variety of 10000+ designs In-stock, which are available for immediate dispatch.
  • Highly Innovative. We presently create more than 300 new designs every month. 
  • Strong supply chain management.
  • Tie-ups with DHL, FedEx and UPS with special rates to provide the lowest shipping charges.
  • Prompt delivery services to any country in the world. Capable of serving 200000+ pin/zip codes across the world.
  • Same day dispatch facility. Order today and we dispatch today! No delays.
  • In-house research & development team to understand changes in market trends.
  • In-house jewellery designing team which helps to create awesome designs.
  • Strong customer service team containing efficient customer relationship managers.


Our Growth Story :

While looking back at the last 16 years we tried to analyze our achievements and what we consider as the most important amongst them are as follows:

In 2003 the Company was founded by Mr. Diptiman Chatterjee, with a revolutionary aim of building a bridge between Indian jewellery craftsmen and the rest of the world. We started with a small collection of 40 designs.  We were only wholesalers at that time and did not venture into manufacturing. We were desperately trying to find our place in the overseas market. In the first year, we managed a turnover of only 500 USD.

Since then with our continuous hard work, regular innovations, latest designs and above the market quality, soon we became a renowned name in the International market and leading importers from several countries were eager to source their fashion jewellery requirements from us. With increasing orders and support from our customers, we ventured in manufacturing and it soon gave us the strength to compete with the largest players in the industry. Every year our collections were becoming more and more popular and some of the finest brands and shopping malls in cities like Paris, Washington, London, New York, etc were showcasing our products. Our products were being sold in major trade shows in the USA, Canada, UK, etc. 

While in 2005 we used to have a collection of around 2000 designs, but soon this figure swelled to 8000 designs by 2008. Slowly but steadily the variety in designs reached almost 10000 at the beginning of 2014. Every week we started introducing almost 4000 new designs, thereby giving our distributors and customers the most needed factor required to survive in this industry which is newer and newer collections. It is hard to find any manufacturer/exporter who manufactures 400 new designs every week. This made us the Largest Online Store of KRITANJALI  CREATIONS.

In 2011 we made some dramatic changes in our manufacturing process. While most Manufacturers and Exporters were using Tin Alloy as the base metal for jewellery, we upgraded to finer metals like Brass, Zinc, and Copper (which were 100% lead-free). Instead of Chinese stones and raw materials, we started using better variants. As a result, all our jewellery became much more light-weighted, and finishing quality increased by around 15-20%.

The year 2011 also saw our entry in the manufacturing of CZ Jewellery ( the finest of fashion jewellery). 

In 2012 we started a Research and Development department which was deputed to study and analyze customer tastes and preferences and we tweaked our manufacturing process accordingly.  

By 2017, we became Market Leaders in the Exports of High-Quality American Diamond / Cubic Zirconia Jewellery. We now proudly serve more than 50 leading International Jewellery Brands and cater to more than 30 Jewellery Chain Stores Internationally. 

Our Management :

Diptiman_Chatterjee_CEO  Manish_Mandal_Operations_Head


Our Craftmanship :



Our Operational Structure :


The 16 years of success of Indian Fashions could not have been possible without the constant efforts from the part of our back-end team who work day and night to make the experience of our customers smooth and flawless. 

The back-end team is divided into many sections to distribute the tasks equally and work in a fast and efficient way. The following points would  make the back-end process that goes on to keep your journey with us  trouble-free:

1. The Customer Relationship Managers - The  Customer Relationship Managers keep a track of the customers registering to our website or customers placing inquiries through Whatsapp or email, and communicating with them about their requirements and assisting them through the sales and after-sales process.

Customer_Relationship_Managers_1 Customer_Relationship_Managers_2

2. The Administrative Department - The Administrative Department consists of a team of professionals who manage and maintain the website and our social media platforms.

3. The Coding and Inventory Department - The personnel in the Coding and Stock Department are assigned to code all the products that arrive from the factory to our Inventory point.

Barcoding_Of_Each_Jewellery Inventory_of_Jewellery

4. Quality Check or QC Department - The personnel in the Quality Check Department are assigned to inspect and examine all the jewellery in detail when they arrive at the Inventory Point from the factory, and then again when they are about to be packed for final shipment to the customer.


5. The Packaging Department - The personnel in the Packaging department are assigned to pack all the pieces of jewellery securely to prevent any damage during their long journey from our administrative unit to the door-steps of our customers.


6. The Accounts Department - The personnel in the Accounts Department are assigned to prepare the invoice for all our customers and also to schedule the parcels with the respective courier companies that would ship them to our customers worldwide.

It is the coordination and teamwork of all these departments together assures the smooth functioning of Indian Fashions and the constant addition of happy customers to our family.


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