Frequently Asked Questions: 

Shipping Related Queries:

Q: How much are the shipping charges to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc?

AnsWe ship your goods either through FedEx, DHL or UPS, based on your preference. The International shipping charges is approximately 5% to 7 % of your order value, for Orders above 2000 USD. So let's assume you have placed an Order of 2000 USD. In this case, your shipping should be approximately 100 USD.

While for smaller orders ranging from 400 to 1000 USD, shipping charges should be somewhere between 7% to 10 % of your order value.

However, we quote the exact shipping charges after we receive your order. 

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Q: How many days until the goods are delivered to me?

Ans: We normally dispatch the Parcel on the same day we receive your Payments after an extensive quality check process. Our Shipping Partners, FedEx, DHL or UPS normally takes around 6 to 7 working days to deliver a shipment anywhere in the world.




Payment Related Queries:

Q: How can I make my payments?

Ans: You can pay us through Paypal, Bank Wire, Western Union and Money Gram. 

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Q: How can I trust Kritanjali Creations with my money?

Ans: We encourage our customers to complete their first payment with PayPal which is known worldwide for its protection policies. With PayPal not only can you protect your account details from cyber hackers but can also file a chargeback if the products you receive are the ones that were promised to you and PayPal would assure that your money is returned to you without any fail and also would make sure that the parcel is returned to the manufacturer.

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Product-Related Queries:

Q: Are your products Plated with Real Gold?

Ans: All American Diamond Jewellery has to be plated with Real Gold. The concentration of Gold or rather the thickness of Gold Plating differs with Manufacturer. Here in CZ GLAM, all our products are plated with 24 ct. Gold and Rhodium assuring longevity. 

Q: Can you manufacture Designs provided by me?

Ans: We love to come across new and unique designs and modify them to perfection and would love to hear about your designs and create something for you! For further details WhatsApp or Call @ +91-8967055887

Investment & Price related Queries: 

Q: Can I get a small sample order from Kritanjali Creations?

Ans: We do not ask from our customers to place a bulk order immediately and welcome sample orders of minimum 250 USD, however, generally we receive sample orders of 500 USD, 700 USD or even 1000 USD. 

Q: What are the discount structures?

Ans: Kritanjali Creations offers the basic wholesale rates which are further subjected to discounts depending on the order value of the customer. We can assure you that the rates and services that are provided by us can not be replaced by any other manufacturer in entire India!! For further details contact us.