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  • Review From Reena Sharma

    Mrs. Reena Sharma

    "I am purchasing from Kritanjali since past 3 years for my shop. I have got an order from one of my reguler customer for a marrige function - he wanted 750 pieces of a pendant set. At first I was thinking if the company can provide me so many pices of the same design & also I wanted it in 30 days! They assurd me that they will manufacture and deliver it to me within 20 days. But surprisingly I have received it in just 14 days! I am Amazed. Outstanding quality..." - Reena Sharma

    Customer from USA
  • Review From Obiola Gabriella

    Ms. Obiola Gabriella

    "It was my the grand opening of my shop in Lagos. This was the first time I was ordering from India. Initially I was very sceptical & afried of being fraud. But when I haad a conversation with them and came to know about them, saw them & the jewelleries over video call, I have got my confidence to order. They are lovely people; very good support team & so swift to work with. And about the goods, it is one of the best immitation jewellery I have ever bought. If you are thinking of customer satisfection & quality business, this is the best place."

    -Ms. Obiola Gabriella

    Customer from Nigeria
  • Kimlenge


    I have been doing business with Kritanjali since past three years and assuring best immitation jewellery in my state. I have started the jewellery business online, through social networking sites at first and now I have expanded to two different outlates. These guys ensures outstanding quality and support team. If anyone is looking for a hazard free business flow I will recommend Kritanjali anytime and everytime.

    -Kimlenge, Cambodia

    Customer from Cambodia
  • Customer's Feedback

    Customer's Feedback

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    -Team Kritanjali

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